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Novice. Actually, once you get Hand-to-Hand high enough in Morrowind, you can actually safely take on around three opponents at once because they'll be spending so much time eating dirt that you can freely pound on them - and when they *do* get up, their lack of fatigue means they have an extra 25% chance to miss you. Sorry about that. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Hand_to_Hand, http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Spell_Making#Spell_Stacking, http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=873311868. I am trying to make a hand to hand/mage build, and it has been pretty fun... when I use magic. Look for the nearby locked chest that is owned by the two combatants. 4/6- … Your Hand to Hand skill increases by 0.6 experience points each time you hit a living target with your fists, regardless of the amount of damage inflicted. Magnus Stone 9. See Fortify Skill for information on how to obtain this spell effect for custom spells. From: tuch | #003 If you want to do more damage then you'll need to Fortify your Fatigue. Once the Fortify Skill effect has been bestowed on a character in any form, that character will "learn" it and may then use it for custom spells at the Arcane University. My own ability to create Fortify Skill spells and enchantments must have come from a Dark Brotherhood quest reward I got awhile back. all details are in the video if you have any questions or requests please comment or message me Shezarr Stone 1… Master Skills: No possibility of breaking a hammer. The Fortify Attribute spells are each sold separately. If you walk around to the other side, you'll find that you can pick the chest without being seen. Note:[spell code] are not part of code. They sell Fortify Attribute spells in Temples. The biggest benefit that HtH has is 'fun'. Really though, Daggerfall has the best hand-to-hand skill in the entire series because it doesn't have gimmicks, it's just straight up "rapid kung fu to wear down your enemies faster than you can say Cheese Please". Below, we've included a table of each ingredient you are likely to mix in the game. Using a power attack will not increase the amount of experience gained. You can use any weapon while blocking, but the advantage fists have is if you hit an enemy who *is* blocking, you can still freely move around during your recoil animation, which allows you to dodge counter-attacks. ID# Absorb Attribute: Agility. Notes: 1. Jone Stone 8. See Reflect Damage for information on how to obtain this spell effect for custom spells. Skill Level 0-24 = Novice, 25-49 = Apprentice, 50-74 = Journeyman, 75-99 = Expert, 100 = Master, The base cost in gold that you must pay to purchase a spell is always three times the current magicka cost of the spell, taking into account your character's skill level and. Stone Skin: after casting your skin change into stone. H2H is only viable with high Speed. Inside, you can get the Bands of Kwang Lao, a pair of gauntlets that fortify your Hand to Hand by 20. My current character is now Mage her hand2hand skill is 22 (very low yeh) Her hand to hand skill shows (2) that means she can deal 2 … Spells Database . Warrior Stone 6. I would go as far as saying that Oblivion has the best spell-making mechanics in the TES series. Inside, you can get the Bands of Kwang Lao, a pair of gauntlets that fortify your Hand to Hand by 20. Spell Tomes is an official add-on for Oblivion that adds new spells, as well as the titular books from which spells can be learned simply by reading them. 000A936D. Page 1 of 5 - Oblivion Tips and Cheats FAQ - posted in Windows Gaming: Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Tips and Cheats FAQ Additions 12/10- Added two new mods. Fortify Endurance - Avrus Adas, a Dunmer, in the Great Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin. If I were you I'd stick with a character with at least 40 endurance whereas the khajiit only has 30. Majority of weapons deal not much more damage actualy. Advertisement . † This is the only on-touch Open spell in the game, and it is impossible to create other touch Open spells; see the effect's notes. Certain Spells requires Arcane Stonefor cast. This pack adds "Spell Tomes" to the world's random treasure. Lord Stone 3. 4/17- Added info about Shimmer Isles Expansion Pack Bug. Block doesn't do anything when blocking H2H. I can see how this would help with positioning , but not Damage. I’m guessing by ‘High Speed’ you mean that it’s only effective if you can run quickly ? However, making the right spells is not always as easy as it seems. EDIT: I completely spaced the khajiit as a race. Here's a list of the spells you can buy, and who you can get them from, starting at the Apprentice level: Fortify Agility - Isa Raman, an Imperial, in the Great Chapel of Talos in Bruma. Fortify Endurance: 30 Fortify Agility: 10 Fortify Strength: 10 Fortify Luck: 25 Fortify Personality: 25 Fortify Hand To Hand: 10 Fortify Blade: 3 Fortify Athletics: 3 Fortify Block: 3 Resist Disease: 35 Resist Magic: 50 Feather: 105 Reflect Spell: 110 Spell Absorption: 17 Misc. Spell Name. I have my strength at 100 and my hand to hand skill at 100, but I only do 8-12 damage with each hit. ... Fortify Hand to Hand 5pts for 30sec on Self multiple fortify skill in one spell? Used for all Teleport spells, can be found in various places or bought by Merchants. [spell code]. (Iron Fist: Fortify Hand-to-Hand 25pts, Reflect Damage 33%) (Sorcerer's Ring: Spell Absorption 25%, Fortify Magicka 25pts) (Ring of Vitality: Resist Disease 100%, Resist Paralysis 100%, Resist Poison 100%) (Self) * Passive : * Breton Enhanced Magicka - +30 Magicka Breton (Manmer) * Active : * Dragon Skin (Greater Power) - 50% Spell Absorption for 60 seconds. Warrior Stone (SO von Skingrad, bei Silorn): Fortify Strength +20 + Fortify Blade/Blund/Hand to Hand +10 Atronach Stone (sehr weit NO von Kvatch, in Höhe des S von Skingrad ): Spell Absorption +30, Fortify … These Spells you can get during the Main Quest A Glance to the Stars, depends of which Birthsign you choose: The Paladin, The Warrior, Mage or The Villain. Jode Stone 7. Steed Stone 4. Tower Stone 5. I remember someone tested it out before with weakness exploited fatigue and the max damage was somewhere in the teens. There are no Reflect Damage spells available for purchase. Combat Damage increases. Also cleaned up many of my standard notice replies "added this, or added that". Only Strength/Skill/Fatigue Level effect that. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Sorry about that. Hits on inanimate targets (such as those in the Fighters Guild training rooms) do no… Mysticism also allows players to cast reflect spells on themselves. fortify block 10 pts for 30 sec + fortify blunt 10 pts for 30 sec + fortify heavy armor 10 pts for 30 sec) at the spellmaking (not the enchanting) altar since in vanilla it is only possible to have one fortify skill per spell? Restoration magic offers the most useful defensive spells to restore life, fortify your other abilities, and absorb damage. Took me a long, long tim.. - The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, Cheats, Cheat Codes and Guides for the PC © Valve Corporation. Races; Classes; ... Buy it on eBay! Hands of Midnight are unique light gauntlets that are sold by M'raaj-Dar in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctum. You can beat mediocre leveled enemies with ease at … Claws - Fortify Hand to Hand 10 points Note : Goodbye Poison Immunity, Hello Health Regeneration. Apprentice Skills: Hammer breaking possibility halved. It ended up actually being a lot of fun, once survivability is improved via enchanting. - posted in Oblivion Mod Talk: Is there a mod that allows to create a spell with multiple fortify skills (e.g. Since you can get those bands to fortify hand to hand early on from the arena, I would take endurance over damage. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Normal Training: Repairing weapons and armor. 6/21- Added Bugs Section and description of Animation Bug. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Equipment Database - Advanced Search. One of my earliest characters was an Orc Brawler who wore heavy armor and fought only using hand-to-hand. Fortify Skill (FOSK Blade,Blunt weapon or hand to hand or all +50) And maybe a restore fatigue, so you never get weak. The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995, https://en.uesp.net/w/index.php?title=Oblivion:List_of_Spells_by_Effect&oldid=1973877, Command Creature up to level 3 for 30sec on Touch, Command Creature up to level 6 for 30sec on Touch, Command Creature up to level 9 for 30sec on Target, Command Humanoid up to level 6 for 25sec on Target, Command Humanoid up to level 9 for 30sec on Target, Avrus Adas, Isa Raman, Ohtesse, Orag gra-Bargol, Trevaia, Tumindil, Uravasa Othrelas, Demoralize up to level 5 for 20sec on Target, Demoralize up to level 7 for 30sec on Target, Demoralize up to level 20 for 30sec on Touch, Demoralize up to level 17 for 30sec on Target, Drain Skill: Marksman 10pts for 20sec on Target, Drain Skill: Alteration 15pts for 25sec on Target, Drain Skill: Destruction 15pts for 25sec on Target, Drain Skill: Hand to Hand 15pts for 25sec on Target, Drain Skill: Heavy Armor 15pts for 25sec on Target, Drain Skill: Blade 20pts for 45sec on Target, Drain Skill: Conjuration 20pts for 45sec on Target, Drain Skill: Restoration 20pts for 45sec on Target, Fire Damage 5pts in 5ft for 3sec on Target, Fire Damage 5pts in 10ft for 5sec on Target, Fortify Endurance 10pts for 90sec on Self, Fortify Intelligence 10pts for 90sec on Self, Fortify Personality 10pts for 90sec on Self, Fortify Willpower 10pts for 90sec on Self, Frenzy up to level 10 for 40sec on Target, Avrus Adas, Orag gra-Bargol, Trevaia, Tumindil, Uravasa Othrelas, Shock Damage 15pts in 10ft for 2 sec on Target, Shock Damage 20pts in 15ft for 2sec on Target, Shock Damage 30pts in 15ft for 2sec on Target, Summon Skeleton Guardian for 40sec on Self, Summon Skeleton Champion for 25sec on Self, Turn Undead up to level 7 for 30sec on Target, Turn Undead up to level 15 for 30sec on Target, Turn Undead up to level 18 for 60sec on Target, The cost for most spells matches the value you would calculate from the, Cost for spells is dependent upon your skill in the school (as modified by, Level indicates what skill level you must reach (or surpass) in order to use a spell. This page is about all items used in the magic skills or for enchanting and recharging items. We didn't include ingredients such as Painted Troll Fat, What is a sentence with the word fortify in it? There are no Drain Attribute spells available for purchase. It is cheaper than a custom spell of the same magnitude because it is on-touch instead of on-target. These books grant you wondrous and powerful magic spells, just by reading them! Bands of Kwang Lao are unique light bracers (they are equipped in the gauntlet slot), that fortify hand to hand by 20 points. Because of this, the effect may be obtained either by buying a premade spell, by wearing enchanted apparel, holding the Daedric Skeleton Key, or obtaining a Greater Power from these Doomstones: 1. Also adjusted disease resistance and added Claws to reflect their Skyrim Counterpart. … You need to take something that isn't enchanted to the alter, and it should show up as fortify spell. Oblivion allows you to make some absolutely fantastic custom spells, many of which are far better than any other piece of crappy magic that the game comes with. They can be found in the Arena District in a locked chest. 35% reflect spell 50% resist magic +25 Blade +25 Hand to Hand +10 Endurance And you still have 5 pieces of zero-weight clothing you can enchant ;) I like: 2x Fortify Strength 2x Fortify Magicka 1x Absorb Spell The only thing not covered is elemental damage, but you can cover that in so many ways, on-self spells or potions, etc. Weapon damage in Oblivion in general is trash (compared to high-tier Poisons and Weakness + Damage spells that is), but this particularly the case with Hand to Hand. Doomstones Activating a Doomstone between the hours of 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM will grant your character a new Greater Power spell which you can cast once per day. (REFA +100) With a script you can add a new spell at spell-effect-end of your first spell... but too complicated. And these boost has significant effects. Fortify Athletics 10 Fortify Hand To Hand 5 Fortify Illusion 15 Fortify Mysticism 10 Fortify Sneak 15 * = If playing with the ONE Edition .esp rather than the standard Hand of Dawn.esp, the continuous Night Eye will not be available. Then you would enchant the armor, necklace, ring, etc … You can buy a Fortify Agility spell, for example, and you will have the Fortify Attribue effect available in the Spellmaker or Item Maker. If it bothers you that much, there are mods that fix that. For some reason hand to hand doesn't work with fortified fatigue like weapons do. o enter cheat write in player.addspell. There is only weakness to fire, frost, shock, magic, and normal weapons spells in oblivion. Apprentice Stone 2. Note, also, that while the Absorb, Fortify and Restore spells are tied to particular things, you only need one of each if you're going to use the Spellmaker. This page was last modified on 22 June 2019, at 21:14. Advanced Search; Basic Search; Character Information . There is a weakness to disease spell in Morrowind, i think. I'm sure as the H2H mods evolve, they will become more balanced and fun. All rights reserved. Absorb Attribute. From there you can Fortify … Journeyman Skills: You can repair magical items as well. Expert Skills: You can enhance items up to 125% of their power, meaning weapons will deal more damage and armor protect you better. They have +10 hand to hand but are lacking in the endurance category. There are no Damage Attribute spells available for purchase. 7/2- Added Quiet Feet Mod. They can be used only once per day. Can be found in various places or bought by Merchants. (Reflect Spell 35%, Resist Magic 50%) Ring of Iron Fist, Sorcerer's Ring, and the Ring of Vitality are also good choices. I just tested it. Weapon damage in Oblivion in general is trash (compared to high-tier Poisons and Weakness + Damage spells that is), but this particularly the case with Hand to Hand. There are no Fortify Skill spells available for purchase. Vanilla oblivion sysem allows us to booost "attribute" over 100. School: Restoration. Hand-to-hand by default does piddly damage, even at high levels with master hand-to-hand skill. 1 Arcane Stone 2 Teleport Runes 3 Enchanting 4 Enchanting Stones 5 Soul Gems 6 Souls 7 Notes Used for casting some powerful Spells. See Drain Attribute for information on how to obtain this spell effect for custom spells.

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