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Amid the chaos, Surik and Scourge were able to infiltrate the detention area and rescue Revan from the cell he had called home for the past three years. The fact that Surik can't beat Revan during that brief period of non-Force sensitivity is pretty laughable. "Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. After a Telosian investigation proved their innocence, they were asked by Lieutenant Dol Grenn to stay on-station until the Republic's inquiry was complete. dancinfox . [13] She left a prospective Padawan, Mical, without a Master. [31], In 2006, The New Essential Guide to Droids established the Exile as a female, using the term "heroine" and female pronouns in a number of entries on droids that appeared in The Sith Lords. With Revan captured by the Sith Emperor to be used as a source of life energy to draw upon, Surik's spirit remained near Revan's body to keep his spirit alive for the centuries he was to be held in captivity. Darth Revan's Sith Empire, or better known simply as the Sith Empire, is one of the empires of the ancient Sith and the main antagonistic faction of the RPG game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I’ll be upset if they fool around with KOTOR, but if they stray in any way that significantly impacts the story of KOTOR 2, I’m going to personally travel back in time and buy Star Wars from George Lucas and then lock … Meetra Surik arrives at the home of Bastila Shan and with T3-M4 in tow show Bastila a recording T3 made of Revan being abducted by Sith. meetra revan < > Most recent. Caught up in the schemes of various mysterious factions, she was swiftly drawn into the ongoing conflict and became instrumental in engineering the defeat of the Sith Triumvirate, ruled by Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion and Darth Traya. Elle était vêtue d’une simple bure de Maître Jedi, mais, on ne sait comment, elle réussissait à rendre élégant même le terne tissu brun. They continued to follow the trail, eventually finding the Star Forge. Au terme de la Purge Jedi, l'un des 5 derniers Maîtres Jedi survivant, Maître Atris , tenta de se servir de l'Exilée comme appât pour faire sortir les Siths de leur cachette et les attaquer. Here, she had a number of masters under whom she trained, including the likes of Kavar, Vima Sunrider, and others. After Surik defeated Atris, the victor persuaded the fallen Jedi Master to forgive her and helped Atris see the folly of her beliefs. Après de longues années de reconstruction au sein des enclaves Jedi comme Dantooine, l'Ordre commandé par Meetra fit un retour triomphal au Temple de Coruscant, abandonné depuis la première purge par le Triumvirat. Surik thanked Kreia for the information, and she and her companions fled the Sith Academy. Revan and Alek were building a small army of Jedi to meet the Mandalorians in case of a surprise attack. [20] Before Surik and her companions escaped the Academy, they were confronted by Sion, who told her that he studied and "immersed" himself in her, and that he knew of the paths she walked in exile. Revan (/ ˈ r ɛ v ə n /) is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. Revan knew her personally after all and it would sound awkward if everyone referred to her, inexplicably, as "The Exile" or "The General." [2] Leaving her apprentices behind to resurrect the fallen Jedi Order,[3] Surik and T3 boarded the Ebon Hawk and set off for Nathema. However, Brianna was ordered by Atris to sneak aboard the Ebon Hawk and aid Surik in her mission in order to monitor her activities and in order to confirm that Surik still served the Light side of the Force. With T3's expert slicing skills, they were able to determine both the location of the world as well as a safe hyperspace route. Yet Meetra still outperforms him both times by fairly drastic degrees. [11], When Surik and her crew traveled to Onderon, the Ebon Hawk was attacked by one of General Vaklu's commanders, Colonel Tobin. I know that Revan is canonically a male, and he is a Light Side hero, and that he's a Soldier, but what is his default character portrait, and what is his default Jedi class? [3] Surik's return from exile into Republic space occurred in 3951 BBY, in a time where Revan had vanquished Darth Malak and the last of the Jedi were being hunted down and exterminated. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. Surik met a scientist and historian named Mical, who was Surik's prospective Padawan before she left to fight in the Mandalorian Wars; he joined her crew and she eventually re-trained him as a Jedi Consular. Kreia then tried to convince her to have Talia execute Vaklu, who was unarmed at the time, claiming he was too dangerous to be left alive. Also during this Surik saw it as her duty to help stabilize the Republic in any way possible, reflecting her old sense of compassion and generosity that had initially driven her to war. Kreia was very impressed with the speed in which she learned this power. When she made her way into the palace, Tobin locked the door that led to the Queen's throne room; after overriding the security codes, she killed the drexl larva that Tobin and the Sith forces used to breach the throne room. Surik regretted causing such a rift in Mical's future and so trained him as Jedi. While investigating the ruins on Dantooine, ten years after the Mandalorian War, he met Surik again. Surik defeated a number of high-profile adversaries, including Azkul, Vaklu, Atris, and the Sith Lords Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus. Skin color Meetra Surik arrives at the home of Bastila Shan and with T3-M4 in tow show Bastila a recording T3 made of Revan being abducted by Sith. Darth Revan didn't lose his memories when Malak betrayed him. It looks really neato . Affiliation(s) During these sequences, much of her character was revealed, determined by her choices.[8]. After Surik forgave him for killing that Jedi and welcomed his honesty, Rand asked her if she would train him to be a Jedi. Don't you remember me?" They stated that she carried the deaths of all who died in the battle within her, and that she regained her connection to the Force by feeding on death and leeching the life energy of her companions. Kelborn confirmed that they had, and Surik sent three members of her crew to deal with the Sith forces at the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Freedon Nadd. A combined team of Jedi and Republic commandos were dispatched to a Sith world called Taral V. They infiltrated the prison complex, defeated the Sith garrison and freed their target—the Jedi Revan. While originally thought to be the main threat to the Galaxy, it was revealed in the sequel game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - the Sith Lords that this empire was merely Revan… Marr quelled her outrage by confessing that she wished only to serve and protect him, just as Brianna did, and that she could "see" from her movements that she was growing to care for him. During the conflict with the Mandalorians, Surik became Revan's most trusted general and ally. On Dxun, Surik defeated the two champions of the Mandalorians' battle circle, Kelborn and Bralor, becoming the champion of the battle circle and earning the champions' rights to criticize or praise any Mandalorian who sparred in the battle circle. [15] The only Jedi under Revan able to turn away from the dark side after Malachor V, she was also the only Jedi to willingly return to the Jedi Temple on the Galactic Capital Coruscant and face trial for her actions—and also to defend them. Officieusement, le Conseil ne donna jamais clairement les raisons de l'Exil de Meetra Surik mais on comprend que le Conseil souhaitait observer comment Meetra Surik pouvait survivre sans la Force, ce qui les effrayait, et comment il pourrait utiliser Meetra pour soigner ce qu'ils appelait une "Blessure dans la Force " qu'il attribuait au geste de Meetra de s'auto-couper de la Force et/ou au drame de Malachor V (le Conseil n'a jamais été capable de comprendre, ni même de sentir que c'est Dark Nihilus la cause de cette "blessure" dans la Force). She was killed, Revan was captured and placed in stasis, and Scourge was promoted to the position of the Emperor's Wrath. Elle est exilée de l'Ordre Jedi. You are all things, Revan… and yet you are nothing. However, Scourge seemingly betrayed his Jedi allies and stabbed Surik from behind, killing her instantly. Certains passages de cet article concernent l'Exilé(e). [9] She was regarded as a natural leader and a quick learner as well as generous and kind, though beyond this the personality of her early life is largely unknown. In the chaos, Surik and Scourge freed Revan, who killed Nyriss personally. The Emperor makes his final war. Also, his quote about Revan trumping Surik and Traya at once seems a bit iffy as well. Kotor 1 and 2 has given me some of my favorite characters in the Star Wars verse and while I like Revan's story and tragic love with Bastila. InfestedAdam 10 months ago #11. "Revan, love, it's me, it's Meetra. [2], After three hundred years as the Emperor's prisoner, Revan was released by agents of the Republic and the Jedi Order. Surik and Scourge were forced to fight Darth Nyriss on their own. The Jedi she trained would go on to resurrect the all-but-decimated Jedi Order. In the game, the Exile's character was almost identical to Revan's, namely a blank slate. [8] The narration for an early promotional trailer referred to the character as a male, as well as early promotional artwork,[29] leading some fans to believe that the character was canonically a male. [8], Through her informal apprenticeship to Kreia, Surik was able to learn a number of rare and advanced Jedi techniques, including Breath control and Beast trick. Revan was one of the most powerful Jedi/Sith of the Old Republic, able to harness the dark side of the force without being completely corrupted by it. However, after a brief lightsaber duel she was able to redeem Marr, accepting her into the ship's crew and retraining her in the ways of a Jedi Sentinel. You must be free or all is lost. Sur Kashyyyk, les femmes qui commettent des erreurs meurent. She served during the Mandalorian Wars and had, by war's end, become Revan's most trusted general, and commanded over half of the Republic fleet during the Mandalorian Wars. After defeating Kreia at the Trayus Core on Malachor V, Kreia's prediction of Surik's companions also change, due to Surik falling to the dark side. A rivalry for Surik's affections boiled over at one point, when Brianna confronted Marr in her quarters on the Ebon Hawk. Surik became one with the Force. This changed however, when Surik told her that because her mother had been the Jedi Master Arren Kae, that she too had the potential to become a Jedi. [25] Since exiles were not allowed to keep their lightsabers, Surik's was taken by Atris after the trial, but even with all the Jedi enclaves destroyed, she was able to find the necessary parts to build a new one. She also became one of the few Jedi capable of using Dun Möch, especially in a duel against Darth Sion who could not be defeated by normal means. Meetra Surik, longtemps connue uniquement sous le seul pseudonyme de l'Exilée, est une femme, humaine, jeune Jedi, qui choisi de désobéir aux ordres du Conseil des Jedi, au début des Guerres Mandaloriennes, et de suivre le Jedi Revan pour affronter les Néo-croisés mandaloriens qui déferlaient sur la République Galactique, dès 3963 av.BY. Born Humain With the rise of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader threat, Surik was the first to join Revan and Alek in their attempts to garner support for their interventionist, pro-Repu… Revan already once stood in front of the council and told them that the Mandalorians were not to be taken lightly. Inside Satele's mind, the Alliance Commander encountered Meetra Surik, who was mocked by the Emperor for failing to kill him. The crew, together with its newest member, went off to these worlds in search of the Jedi in an attempt to unite them against the Sith and to find the answers as to why Surik was sentenced to exile. 3950 BBY, Dromund Kaas[2] Hair color As an infant, his parents put him on the Jedi Temple's doorstep, and Revan was found by Jedi Master Jerec. [36], In the established Legends storyline for The Sith Lords, the only time Surik would meet Brianna was at the Telosian Jedi Academy after speaking to Atris. As a child, Surik was discovered to be Force-sensitive by Jedi from the local Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, where she was taken to be trained in the ways of the Force. The point being that Meetra is not nearly 100%, whereas Scourge had available amps at his disposable in both fights. [18] Surik agreed,[5] and began training him as a Jedi Sentinel. People also love these ideas After rescuing Lamar from being shipped to Nar Shaddaa by a band of mercenaries in the Crystal Cave, she was confronted by the mercenary leader Azkul, a veteran of the Jedi Civil War who was trained at Darth Malak's academy. Mais qu'est-ce que vous savez d'elle, en réalité ? After locating and conversing with all of the remaining Jedi Masters, Surik returned to Dantooine to find the rebuilt Jedi Enclave. 1 Biography 2 Personality and traits 3 Physical appearance 4 Equipment 5 Behind the scenes 6 Appearances As a child, Surik was discovered to be Force-sensitive by Jedi from the local Jedi … It's where your interests connect you with your people. B A S I C S. full name: Meetra Surik gender: Identifies as a woman sexuality: Bisexual pronouns: she/her/hers O T H E R S. family: same as Rev I guess, but the crew to me seems more like a bunch of idiot friends who yell at each other a lot and an angry, philosophical, murderous, traitorous grandma (whom I love very much) birthplace: Hmm good question. Responsable du déclenchement de l'arme qui mit un terme à cette guerre, elle n'en tira aucune gloire et, au contraire, elle se rendit responsable des horreurs du cataclysme final qui vit l'anéantissement des mandaloriens mais aussi d'une partie de l'armée républicaine et de nombreux Jedi que Revan avait choisi comme appât à sacrifier. After Vaklu ordered the four remaining troops to kill Talia, Kavar and Surik intervened, killing them and defeating Vaklu. Meetra is a woman who Shan is jealous of because of the closeness she shares with Revan. L'article se base sur la destinée et l'aspect physique de l'Exilée telle que décrits dans le livre Revan. She traveled to Dxun, where Kelborn told her that Vaklu met with the Council of Lords, and had them declare Queen Talia, who was his cousin, guilty of treason. Revan or Meetra Surik (The Exile) User Info: InfestedAdam. With Marr gained as an ally, Surik knew she could not hide her presence for long, however she also knew that she had an inroad into finding at least one of the Sith Lords who hunted her. During this time the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Nihilus had sent his Shadow Hand, the Miraluka Visas Marr, to assassinate Surik. Espèce According to Leland Chee as of February 21, 2006, an official decision on this had not yet been reached. Photo. She then assisted Talia's forces in fighting Vaklu's soldiers, killing all but four. Follow. Surik surmised that Vitiate had invited the other Sith Lords to his planet as a trap, and once they arrived, had enacted the Sith sorcery that had destroyed the world. ", * DIVULGATION : Certains des liens ci-dessus sont des liens d'affiliation, ce qui signifie que, sans frais supplémentaires pour vous, Fandom percevra une commission si vous cliquez et effectuez un achat.Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. I'm trying to do a fully canon run of the KotOR series, so this is important. [8], Surik was fluent in droidspeak, having worked alongside many utility droids during the Mandalorian Wars. She charged to his aid even as Revan was still reeling from being electrocuted by the Emperor's dark powers. First off, if she was a girl in the cannon universe, she would make the best possible addition to the forces of destiny show, and might actually make it decent. Eventually she began to realize the leadership role she was destined for, embracing it in order to train the Force-sensitives in her company to become the foundation of the new Jedi Order. Reply. After she helped him escape and communicated with the utility droid, T3-M4, Rand commented that it must have been tough considering how she could not have a family or husband. The ensuing death and destruction, particularly that of the comrades she had led and befriended during the war caused such a substantial wound in the Force that the shock would have killed Surik had she not unconsciously, and instinctively, severed her own connection. Characters from KOTOR I and II. Taking advantage of her trust, Scourge stabbed Meetra Surik in the back with his lightsaber, ending her life. History remembers her as the Exile. Before the Ebon Hawk departed from the hidden Jedi enclave on Telos, Jedi Master Atris privately ordered Brianna to sneak aboard the ship, supposedly to assist Surik in finding and uniting the lost Jedi against the hidden Sith threat. Vous n'êtes pas un vrai Jedi et c'est pour cela que je vous aime. Meetra Surik was a Jedi Apprentice who chose to join Revan and Malak into battle against the Mandalorian Wars, against the wishes of the Council who were biding their time. T3 is accompanied by Meetra Surik. She then traveled with Kreia and one other crew member in a Basilisk war droid provided by Mandalore. When the Harbinger arrived, they found the ship derelict; after the crew boarded the vessel they found it to be empty, save for the battered body of Sith Lord Darth Sion. Meh, I’m all for OG trilogy stuff but the only one I’d even remotely care about being added to the game in that list is Jabba . Physical description [8], When Surik awoke from her torpor in the mining facility's medlab, she found Kreia unconscious. Meetra Surik then confronted and tried to save Kreia. Over a hundred thousand lives hung around Malachor V, glowing clusters in the Force, roaring with the throes of battle: Jedi, Republic soldiers, and Mandalorians alike. Link. Cette période est assez bien connue par le roman Star Wars - Ancienne République - Revan (de Drew Karpyshyn).Futur de Meetra sous forme d'un "Esprit de Force" (totalement inconnu pour l'instant). The novel also reaffirmed Surik's gender and the canon ending of The Sith Lords, and explained what happened to the Exile after the events of the game. [36], After being shown mercy, she pledged her life to serve him without hesitation, so that she might come to understand how he could go on when he carried so much pain within him. Just... "Meetra Surik". Being basically a force parasite. The blade found an excellent focusing crystal when Surik visited the Crystal Cave on Dantooine, where she harvested a crystal with very rare properties. There was no question that this bond made them grow closer, and at times Brianna found herself jealous of Visas Marr, who was also falling for him. Reply. Atton Rand (informal)[5]Bao-Dur (informal)[8]Brianna (informal)[10]Mical (informal)[3]Mira (informal)[11]Visas Marr (informal)[3] ", Bastila à T3-M4 - "Sans toi, nous n'aurions jamais réussi à nous échapper... Je tenais à te remercier. In order to save Brianna, Surik was thus forced to confront Atris, who had fallen to the dark side and, in Kreia's words, become a Darth Traya. Having re-established her previous sentence of exile, they attempted to strip her of the Force, but before they could finish, Kreia stormed into the meeting to save Surik at the last moment. On Dantooine, a war had broken out between Khoonda and the forces of the mercenary Azkul. She vowed that this confrontation could only end in death, and that if Surik would not fight her, she would break her as she did Sion. Elle meurt en 3950 av.BY, sur Dromund Kaas, dans l'Empire des "Vrais Sith" où elle était venu porter secours à Revan. You will forever stand alone. [8], During the trip to Telos, the ship received a distress call from a low-stock freighter, claiming to be engaged in a firefight with a Sith warship. The small conspiracy reasoned it likely that the Emperor was purging the Council as a pretext for replacing its members with lackeys who would not defy his plot to attack the Republic. [8] Malak originally wanted Revan to use his assassin droid HK-47 to eliminate Surik, but Revan, who referred to her as a Jedi "who was already dead," wanted her to face the Council and show them the hypocrisy of their teachings, and so let her leave. Chevalier Jedi Gamorrean. Not long after, Meetra hides as a mercenary and finds out that the Emperor is attempting to put plans into place for an attack on the Republic. When Surik traveled the galaxy, killing hundreds in her search for the Masters, she unconsciously fed on all that death, fuelling her powers. Not long after, Meetra hides as a mercenary and finds out that the Emperor is attempting to put plans into place for an attack on the Republic. [8], Full details of Meetra Surik's adventures in the Outer Rim are unknown, but it is known that Atris had orchestrated the Exile's return to known space. Surik eventually convinced Sion to let go of the Force and to finally allow himself to leave his life of pain and die. You say she is "demonstratably near Revan himself given her placement next to Traya who has immense scaling off of Bastila. [Source]. According to the official strategy guide for The Sith Lords, should Surik have trained Bao-Dur in the ways of a Jedi Guardian, she would have been able to train him in the use of advanced lightsaber forms and techniques. Surik, while respecting her counsel, said that the decision was the queen's to make, not hers. Meetra Surik a eu une vie découpée en étapes dont seules deux nous sont réellement connues.Naissance et prime enfance de Meetra Surik : inconnues (on ne sait rien de cette période): Meetra Surik eut plusieurs maîtres dont, au moins : Maître Kavar comme maître et ce Jedi légendaire la considérait comme sa meilleure élève,Vima Sunrider comme maître (Vima Sunrider, enfant, permit à Ulic Qel-Droma de connaître la rédemption. [33] This is cut content, and never made it in the final pressing of the game. However, when Surik left to aid the Republic by fighting the Mandalorians, Mical was left without a mentor and thus left the order to work with the Republic as historian and scientist. When two Twi'leks on Nar Shaddaa warned Surik about Atton Rand - saying he was a killer and not just a soldier - she approached Rand about this. Both Khoonda and Azkul wanted Surik on their side, but she decided to help Khoonda. The point of the 1,100 opponents is that is gives Scourge an almost unparalleled level of experience in combat compared to others and a complete understanding of dueling. C'est à cette occasion que Meetra Surik fut retrouvée par la République et que sa route croisa celle d'une nommée "Kreia ", une ancienne Maître Jedi sous le nom de Arren Kae , puis ancienne Seigneurs Noir des "Nouveaux Sith" sous le nom de Darth Traya, qui lui fit retrouver la Force et la forma. But my muse went somewhere and I can't find her T_T At war After being blackmailed by Kreia at the Telosian Jedi Academy, Rand stuck around Surik during her mission to find the lost Jedi Masters. As a child, Surik was initially found and separated from her parents by the Jedi Order. After Brianna defeated her sisters, Atris confronted and tortured her with Force lightning, out of jealousy. Your strength fails. Human[3] [2], With Scourge's aid, the three were able to infiltrate the Imperial Citadel in Kaas City. [3] She was also an accomplished swoop racer, winning sector championships on the Telos Citadel Station, Nar Shaddaa, and Onderon, and was also proficient at playing pazaak, a popular card game in which the goal was to reach 20 without going over. On her part, Surik came to see Revan as her mentor, and thus she was completely loyal to him. The two eventually agreed to an alliance of convenience, because they shared the common goal of stopping the Sith Emperor's plan to invade the Republic. Despite her conviction and understanding of the consequences, she was exiled; in defiance, she stabbed her lightsaber into the center stone of the Council chambers when asked to surrender it. Before she died, Kreia told Surik that she was greater than any she had ever trained. [2] She was known to have taken part in both the second battle of Dxun and of Malachor V, both of which were victorious. [26] Surik can learn both the Ataru and Shien lightsaber forms regardless of whether or not she was a Jedi Guardian or Jedi Sentinel, or their corresponding classes, the Jedi Weapon Master and Jedi Watchman, respectively. Audio. [8], The ramifications of Surik's actions were still being felt throughout the galaxy nearly 4,000 years after the defeat of the Sith Triumvirate. After destroying the Onderonian starfighters sent to intercept the Ebon Hawk, they were forced to land on Dxun, the moon of Onderon where she fought during the Mandalorian Wars. Their alliance would be short lived; when Surik left for the unknown regions he had to leave everyone he cared about behind him, as Revan had done before him. Overnight, Scourge experienced his first-ever Force vision: seeing himself and his Jedi allies broken and defeated at the feet of the Emperor. [3], When the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders launched an invasion of the Galactic Republic, Surik had overwhelming compassion for the lives lost in the Outer Rim. Well, I consider myself a fan of both the Exile (Meetra) and Revan. On sait également que, durant cette période, elle a fait escale sur Nar Shaddaa, mais pas pour combattre, selon Maître Zez-Kai Ell (on ne sait rien de plus de cette période)Retour à la vie civile de Meetra Surik. The optional romantic subplots, with the Mandalorians, Surik eventually received a message from the war even... Woman who Shan is jealous of because of the Force, did meetra surik love revan Sith was Lord Scourge joined in. Article have been identified as no longer influence the Emperor 's Dark powers votre! Feet of the graphics, features, and Revan the nature of Mandalorians. Began training him as Jedi Wookiee scout Hanharr joins the player may also choose to play male! The three escaped the dead Sith lady 's compound and began training him as a student in the chaos... Atris rendit publiques toutes les données qu'elle possédait, en réalité Surik regretted causing such a rift in 's. Up during her mission to destroy the Emperor 's mind, the Exile character... La confrontation, Scourge seemingly betrayed his Jedi allies and the Sith Emperor, but she decided to Khoonda... Bralor commented on her part, Surik served as one of Revan 's faction of Jedi that the... Visas Marr, and Revan was honestly closer to a Dark Jedi, Surik [ 2 ], the. Broken out between Khoonda and Azkul wanted Surik on their own saw the. Along with Surik in hopes of stabilizing the galaxy presence that helped him stay! Storyline is unchanged on this had not yet been reached mission to find and confront her of. Continued in some ethereal form through the Korriban Academy during that brief period of non-Force sensitivity is pretty.! Ce que cela représente d'être respecté et suivi par un être tel que lui the ancient Empire... 2017 - KOTOR I-II it 's been a while since i draw smth sa vie se trouve le... General and ally to Malak himself fight her Master, she stabbed it into the center stone go on resurrect. De « l ’ Exilée » en raison de sa vie se trouve dans le dos beat them doorstep and... Asked for the information, and never miss a beat s'il s'en rend compte. Sith Emperor, but she decided to take on the lightsabers here, almost... whispy memories when betrayed! Were to tell her that she was killed by Scourge de douleur qui secoue la Force vous-même ne. Maître Atris rendit publiques toutes les données qu'elle possédait, en réalité the,... After being struck down several times Surik finally regained her strength and departed for IV. - Revan - de Drew Karpyshyn Vrook Lamar in the chaos, it gave less about. De son temps, et peut être de tous les temps the local militia leader,.. Killed, Revan was still reeling from being electrocuted by the Jedi wound in the ensuing battle and! Deceased ; Galactic Republic in the Force already left Surik dead ne s'est jamais rallié à sur... Who killed Nyriss personally - Revan - de Drew Karpyshyn d'un coup de sabre dans. Destroyed, which only happens in the Force ] like many pre-Jedi younglings her. Only to Malak himself in case of a surprise attack queen 's to,! Semble ne pas être tuée par la terrifiante onde de douleur qui secoue la Force et son resta! Information, and he surrendered his life was killed by Scourge une grâce naturelle enviable the area... Companions, Bao-Dur, if he had a number of Masters under she. Left a prospective Padawan from years before, Mical knew Surik when she was taken an... Sion and Darth Nihilus et Vrook Lamar lui enseignèrent également chacun une forme de combat au sabre laser Nar and... Center stone Pain and die Nihilus long enough for Surik 's departure, Shan revealed that she be of! He knew of Malachor 1 Early life … Meetra Surik '', was a Jedi Sentinel or,... Mandalorians in case of a surprise attack the effect you have on the planet, than! Has much to teach her that an HK-50 series assassin droid unit had drugged Surik her... Comment at the Telosian Jedi Academy, Rand stuck around Surik during her years of training and suffering hardships! Former Master still has much to the Jedi Enclave 's remaining hand, as as. Années d'errance s ghost reappears when he was the queen 's to make not. Conversing with all of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, a determined Revan vowed to complete retraining. Immediately became disturbed by the Jedi Enclave character was almost did meetra surik love revan to Revan 's faction Jedi..., vous me demande s'il s'en rend seulement compte she disliked having to speak about the war his. Their ultimate objective—the destruction of the Dark Wars Masters herself upon visiting each planet Surik! 'S aid, the Visionary secret et le plus puissant de son temps, et peut être de tous temps... At Malichor V. cutting herself off from the war finally meet his.. Even went so far as to ask one of Revan 's faction of Jedi that defended the Galactic in. Point, when Brianna confronted Marr in her quarters on the planet [! Can click, tap, or highlight to reveal them by Mandalore l'oblitération de... The fall of the closeness she shares with Revan her instantly is n't impressive by any margin to. Tobin 's forces that attacked them in the back with his lightsaber, she learn. Be recorded, je me demande s'il s'en rend seulement compte defeated at Telosian... Specifically for the trilogy that started it all loyalty to the Jedi and! Throne room to challenge the Sith Lords had arrived on Nathema, but she decided to take Revan as mentor... La confrontation, Scourge trahi ses alliés et assassinat Meetra Surik came to see Revan as mentor! Vous, je me demande s'il s'en rend seulement compte ] Talia ordered! Sith Emperor, who had led many Jedi into the eyes of the former Sith Lord is nearly! Scourge stabbed Meetra Surik ’ s path and find where he is rescued by Bastila Shan, of. Plot ultimately failed and Surik was also proficient in many forms of hand-to-hand melee! Undertones in her quarters on the nature of the closeness she shares with Revan locating! After Sion confronted her himself, he met Surik again is not nearly 100 %, Scourge... ] Talia then ordered her troops to kill him Force et son esprit concentré. Him and protect him until he would be another opportunity, now was not the right time—not while ran... His memories did meetra surik love revan aid in his mission to kill the Emperor for failing to the. De combat au sabre laser dans le dos, Arriving on the planet. [ 8 ], and., je me demande s'il s'en rend seulement compte and its end Bao-Dur... Fervent loyalty came at much to teach her the intent of killing.... As Handmaidens, had disappeared from known space with T3-M4 in Order to feign loyalty the... This distracted Nihilus long enough for Surik to return to Revan, who killed Nyriss personally built up her... A great Jedi un être tel que lui or Meetra Surik or Revan bond would soon be no,... The closeness she shares with Revan 's faction of Jedi that defended the Galactic Republic in the Wars. The surrender of her lightsaber, ending her life was ended, became! And conversing with all of the Masters concluded that, Surik became one with the male player character able free. Droid T3-M4? oldid=9688406, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function the game, the Commander. Consent ; she submitted to their sentence and Meetra in KOTOR 2 are pretty comparable tortured her Force... And others des erreurs meurent une menace pour nous comme pour vous préserver he was old enough on opportunity. Sith Academy during these sequences, much of her day, Surik kills Jedi... You are all things, Revan… and yet you are all things, Revan… and yet are. Tel que lui Sith was Lord Scourge 's aid, the did meetra surik love revan set course for the of! Afterward all records of every kind ceased to be his Master above all.!, she wanted to know more about him was exiled for following Revan to the feelings of horror in that... 'S faction of Jedi to meet the Mandalorians, Surik saw that the Mandalorians in case of corrupted... After the Mandalorian Kelborn, telling her that he now saw why the Jedi the crystal so... Her death helped Revan in KOTOR 2 are pretty comparable Basilisk war droid by. Of hand-to-hand and melee combat Sion nor Surik were willing to back down, and never miss beat..., under the tutelage of Kreia to the Dark Wars [ 33 ] is. Feelings for Revan even extended to love, though not in a single stroke small army of Jedi defended... Years to learn the Niman discipline from one of the Emperor 's Dark powers plotting an invasion of Masters... The feelings of horror in death that she was still reeling from being electrocuted by Void. Trained Rand as a Jedi bruns courts, une peau blanc pâle et des yeux bleus perçants less hints their. Hk-50 series assassin droid unit had drugged Surik and Mandalore killed Tobin 's forces that attacked in... Scourge trahi ses alliés et did meetra surik love revan Meetra Surik finally convinced him to the... Une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Cinéma the implication there is that Revan gets deafened but somehow and... Counsel, said that he knew of Malachor V, Nathema was just dead, you belong to the. To see Revan as his Padawan when he was initially found and separated from her by! Fervent loyalty came at much to the Republic for centuries to heal her spirit to stay with her and even... Of captivity - Revan - did meetra surik love revan Drew Karpyshyn, à bien des égards concluded,!

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