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When the abbot condescended to dine in the refectory, his chaplains waited upon him with the dishes, a servant, if necessary, assisting them. One condescension is permitted after all : to the used paperback. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Condescension definition, an act or instance of condescending. He had met with slanging and bullying, indifference and brutality of manner, but he had not met with condescension. Condescendence has the letters c, d, e, n, o, and s, 9 consonants, 5 vowels and 4 syllables with the middle letters ce. They do not represent the opinions of Disregarding the wishes of the Great Council, and excluding all the more important of the barons and bishops from office, he acted as his own chief minister and never condescended to justify his policy except when he stood in need of subsidies. condescendences in a sentence - Use "condescendences" in a sentence 1. 47+3 sentence examples: 1. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples . In stature he was little; his countenance was always sad, and he never condescended to laughter. Condescendence; 1. Legal definition for CONDESCENDENCE: In the Scotch law. What are synonyms for condescendence? The house was kept in a homely manner, and the condescension of Mr Blandois was infinite. Condescending (adjective); showing a superior attitude toward others. Condescendence; 1. Think Progress » Bayh Claims ‘There’s A Fighting Chance’ Obama Will Call For A Spending Freeze Try out Spruce, our experimental quotations and lyrics search engine. Use "condescendence" in a sentence. ; He reigned there, in a gracious, condescending way, over a group of ten or twelve women. Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014. 2. The law of subordination is based on God's gracious condescension to a sinful humanity in the person of his Son Jesus Christ. Looking for phrases related to the word condescendence? But Upper East Siders do not have a monopoly on condescension. How do you use condescendence in a sentence? Jackson always picked some condescending nickname for her beaus. Despite its condescension toward the Bennet family, the letter begins t What is the definition of condescendence? Cardinal Richelieu himself, preceded by lesser dignitaries, condescended to visit Amyraut privately, to persuade him to kneel; but Amyraut held resolutely to his point and carried it. He condescended to depart. 2. How to use condescending in a sentence is shown in … "Even though the professor was smarter than me, I … What does condescendence mean? Condescension definition is - patronizing attitude or behavior. Men of undoubted ability and genius wasted both their lives and their fortunes over the search for this illusive chimera, and others condescended to fraud and trickery of the meanest description in its pursuit. The most powerful states in Europe condescended to make payments to them and to tolerate their insults. And, really, your condescension is making you look ignorant. More example sentences ‘I'm treated with condescension’ ‘It's like being called a eunuch or an old maid; one always hears that faint sneer of disdain and condescension mixed with pity.’ Condescendence definition: a statement of facts presented by the plaintiff in a cause | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. A part of the proceedings in a cause, setting forth the facts of the case on the part of the pursuer" or plaintiff. Your condescension is outweighed by your stupidity. 3. Translations of the phrase CONDESCENDING SMILE from english to spanish and examples of the use of "CONDESCENDING SMILE" in a sentence with their translations: You won't even get … 5. 3. Word suggestions (2): Condescending, Condescended, © 2021 Use "condescendence" in a sentence. The success it gained was doubtless due in some degree to the difficulty which most men had in comprehending it, for it was enwrapped in alluring mystery, but more to the confidence with which it was announced as being the long-looked-for key to the wonders of creation, since its promoters did not hesitate to term it the discovery of " the Natural System," though they condescended, by way of explanation to less exalted intellects than their own, to allow it the more moderate appellation of the Circular or, Quinary System. Examples of Condescending in a sentence. His politeness smacks of condescension. Gaudama condescended to answer all their questions. 8. Condescension definition: Condescension is condescending behaviour . Professor Hutter's manner is extremely condescending. The Web's largest and most authoritative phrases and idioms resource. condescendence. Sentence with the word condescension You may have noticed that elite condescension is one thing lots of folks dislike about the left! Zeus gave laws to Minos; Apollo revealed the Spartan constitution to Lycurgus; Zaleucus received the laws for the Locrians from Athena in a dream; Vishnu and Manu condescended to draw up law-books in India. He was also sent to carry the tribute which the United States still condescended to pay to the dey of Algiers, in order to secure exemption from capture for its merchant ships in the Mediterranean - a service which he performed punctually, though with great disgust. The latter feeling ultimately triumphed; he condescended to accept in the dying days of Grenville's cabinet, and to retain through the "lutestring" administration of Lord Rockingham - "pretty summer wear," as Townshend styled it, "but it will never stand the winter" - the highly paid position of paymaster-general, refusing to identify himself more closely with its fortunes as chancellor of the exchequer. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected]. 2. Example Sentences for "condescended " Courage, my lord; forget the carpenter, and think only of the nobleman, your grandfather, who condescended to become a wheelwright. As Hanna Segal points out in her excellent foreword to the book, they were not talked down to or condescended to. ; Instead of condescending to take a side, he told them contemptuously to keep the peace. You may have noticed that elite condescension is one thing lots of folks dislike about the left!. Chronicles of the Canongate Sir Walter Scott. l-Mu~affar Na~r of Nishaptir; Abti Abdallah Mahommed of Junaid, equally renowned for his Arabic and Persian poetry; ManawI of BokhgrS, full of original thoughts and spiritual subtleties; KhusrawnI, from whom even FirdousI condescended to borrow quotations; Abti l-Hasan. Troy’s attitude of condescension caused people to feel that he was talking down to them. … 3. (noun) From French condescendance, from condescendre, from Late Latin condescendere (“to let one's self down, stoop, condescend”), from Latin com-(“together”) + descendere (“to come down”); see condescend. When the abbot condescended to dine in the refectory, his chaplains waited upon him with the dishes, a servant, if necessary, assisting them. . ; But they never varied from the condescending amiability one shows to children and sick people. David Roberts: Introducing 'Climate Hawks' And, really, your condescension is making you look ignorant.. 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